Sequential planning


Traditional ERP and other planning systems allows only one user to plan, one plan at the time… Each plan is not linked to next plan… Resources are planned individually, in each plan.




Concurrent planning


Anyplan let Your business plan concurrent in real time, a cross any project, products, resources, shop floor schedules or your Supply Chain… Concurrent in real time… With full control all the time… 

The traditional transaction model?

“Any non-trivial multiuser system must provide automatic concurrency control. The standard technology for building automatic and industrial strength concurrency control into software systems is to use so-called transactions. This is a tried and true technology used in thousands of different products, particularly those based on database systems. But this technology only works when any user holds the data in the transaction for milliseconds..

The Xymphonic Transactional Model…

However, as recognized by all experts in this area, classical transactions do not provide the behavioral semantics that is required for environments where users are in effect designing complex data structures, and therefore need transactions lasting not just milliseconds or a few seconds at the most (as in the classical case), but  anything from minutes to months. This holds true whether the data structures in question describe e.g. engineering designs or complex plans.

For the first time in the history of the IT industry, we are now about to launch a patented and revolutionary technology called Xymphonic Transactions. Simply put, Xymphonic Transactions generalize classical transactions (retaining pretty much all their good properties) while at the same time also providing just the right semantics for complex design environments. For more information on how this is possible, and to get a proper understanding of how your collaborative software product could be radically improved, please see the following documents: 

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