About Xymphonic Systems AS


Xymphonic Systems AS is a fast growing software company based in Norway. We are Norway’s leading provider of advanced planning and scheduling solutions, and have delivered our software package to a number of large international enterprises.

Xymphonic Systems AS has been developing advanced planning and scheduling

solutions since the late 1980’s and the company has worked with leading Scandinavian,
UK and US companies in the manufacturing, airline and energy markets in this period.

Advanced planning and scheduling systems are a necessity in most industries since all
are subject to uncertainty and rapid change. Xymphonic’s solutions are designed to help
organizations cope with the unexpected demands, shorter product life cycles, and
changing business processes of 21st century business.

Xymphonic Systems AS has wide business experience in the following areas:

  • Project Management expertise in one of the world’s most demanding industries: off-shore oil and gas.
  • Manufacturing scheduling and planning from industries as diverse as chocolate, drilling equipment and window manufacturing.
  • Maintenance and re-manufacturing scheduling in the airline and off-shore industries.
  • Business strategy and planning in the telecoms, media and engineering sectors.

Xymphonic Systems AS also has deep technical strengths in systems engineering and application development based on Microsoft and related technologies:

  • Database and application servers.
  • Management and integration of data from enterprise systems.
  • Application and Web development using .NET, WPF and Silverlight®.